Budget Open Coil Mattress

Displaying characteristic quality throughout, this superb design includes a 13.5g open coil spring unit and extra polyester fillings to create an 11 inch deep mattress combining softness with excellent stability in support. It also provides a stylish matt finished knitted fabric and double sided design which can be periodically flipped for greater longevity and shape retention.

A standard sprung mattress  is a mattress made with an open coil spring system, which is why it's sometimes called an open coil mattress.

An open coil mattress is a highly-popular mattress type, and they're often cheaper than pocket sprung mattresses too. Open coil traditional sprung mattresses feature interconnected springs and are topped with a variety of comfort layer options.

An open coil (or standard sprung) mattress is a supportive, sprung mattress featuring coils of high tensile steel, wound into hundreds of springs and connected by a wire rod edge. The springs run from side-to-side and are available in a range of firmness ratings.

The spring unit in an open coil mattress works to evenly spread your body weight across the mattress and reduce the build-up of pressure points. Standard sprung mattresses have been around for over a century and remain one of the most popular mattress types available.


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